Retro Land

As a massive fan of the 8-bit era, I’ve decided that this year I am going to start ‘Retroland’ in the loft. Right now, its a mess, just a junkyard full of half empty boxes and no electrics. This it’s what out looks like now and hopefully keep a running blog going.

State of the loft right now.

State of the loft right now.

All that is about to change though… I going to take my love of retro gaming from the emulators (they’re ok) back to the hardware and set up a ‘man-cave’ in the loft of these machines.

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Canvas UI Interface

Now that Toobz is more or less complete (just the levels to finish), I thought it was about time to start on the next project. There’s so many ideas at the moment it’s difficult to know which to start.

Actually,one thing that did come to light during development using HTML canvas was the issue of input, especially around the so called virtual joysticks. You know, the ones where there is a template for movement and a single button adds well.

The problem with these is the lack of tactile feedback, which means it’s all to easy to drag your fingers off these points and end up being unable to control the character. More often than not,this is usually around the action parts where you need it most.

So, before anything else in turns of game development, let’s get this solved once and for all. For me, the first question is, “if there is no tactile feedback, then why do the buttons have to be where they’ve been placed?”.
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