Latest HTML 5 game – TileDriver

I’ve not blogged for the whole of February, on account of trying to get my latest HTML 5 game finished. So, announcing…


TileDriver screen image

Based on the old trusted sliding puzzle, I wanted something that would be quick to implement as I work mainly in the evening and weekends, that would be playable, and up and running quickly. Toobz took the best part of a year to get all the behaviours right, so this time, it had to be quick.
Using the structures from Toobz, and implementing the Canvas UI Interface this was done in more or less 5 weeks (ignoring a trip to Iceland meaning no dev got done that week).

So,how does it play…

Each level you are given a target number of tiles that must be pushed together. Using the mouse or your meat pointer (finger), Tap the tile to move, and drag in the direction, and let go. The tile doesn’t stop until it hits something.
If matching tiles are touching then they disappear. If you have more than two tiles connected, then you’ll score bigger points.

Not all tiles behave in the same when when they connect though.

Dark Tiles
All normal tiles have a matching darker version. This cannot be moved, but can be matched with a matching normal tile.

Pushing bomb tiles together count as a match. They also destroy any adjacent tiles (and they count), useful for removing a tile with no match.

External walls cannot be destroyed. Inner walls (looking like brick walls) can be destroyed.

Anything going past a magnet is stopped in it’s tracks. If it’s a normal tile, then it’ll turn dark and cannot be pulled away from the magnet. However, magnets can be destroyed, freeing any dark tiles that are touching.

Wall Tile
Pushing wall tiles together will create a block of standard walls. The tiles will change to walls, as will any neighbouring spaces. Use these to give you a point to push tiles against.

Tile tiles will give you 10 seconds for each connected tile.

Question Mark
Question tiles will create 4 random matching tiles around the board

Like Toobz, it works on desktops and mobiles and resizes itself based on your orientation, so have a play and let me know what you think.

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