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As a massive fan of the 8-bit era, I’ve decided that this year I am going to start ‘Retroland’ in the loft. Right now, its a mess, just a junkyard full of half empty boxes and no electrics. This it’s what out looks like now and hopefully keep a running blog going.

State of the loft right now.

State of the loft right now.

All that is about to change though… I going to take my love of retro gaming from the emulators (they’re ok) back to the hardware and set up a ‘man-cave’ in the loft of these machines.

Inventory (27/01/2014)

Original hardware

  • Commodore 64c with 3 tape decks.
  • Nintendo DS
  • Sony PSP
  • Sony PlayStation (the original, not a slim.)*

* We used to own a PlayStation and thought we’d thrown the whole lot in the loft, but strangely enough I could only find the controllers and cables but not the unit. Weird huh? Anyway, the other day, I struck lucky and found an original PlayStation in a charity shop in town, with cables and controllers for £10. Bargain!

Playback machines.

These are the units which are brand new, but play the original games in some form.

  • Atari VCS unit (Flashback 4 model), so has 75 games built it. It’s a big start on the seventies, but I may get a dedicated old unit to play the Activision stuff (River Raid, Pitfall).
  • Handheld Sega games unit playing Sega Master games and Gamegear – this little bad boy may go in the car.
  • Plug in Sega Mega drive with 6 games

Next on the agenda

Right now, I need to up the 90’s consoles, so I am going after a SNES. I never owned one originally so it’ll be a new experience (is this retro?). but the quality of the machine a games at the time was awesome.

The tape units on the C64 are also notoriously unreliable. Now I remember why things move forward. I’m going to invest in a SD2IEC drive. This is a handy little card reader which you can load up with d64 images, and it behaves just like a 1541 drive on the original machine. Check it out below…

CBM 64 SD2IEC Drive

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