#30daydev – Rotate Space? Or is it?

Change of name

Rotate Space was always going to be a working title, but I couldn’t think of anything decent so it’s been like that from day one. Finally, I settled on… Space Runner.

Power ups

Rather than just depleting yours shields when you collide with an enemy ship, you can now regain a full shield recharge by picking up the yellow power ups that appear at random intervals. The chances of a power up goes down each level, so the game will still get progressively harder.

Space Runner - Power Up


I’ve also tackled the glitches that were randomly appearing, and it looks like it’s down to recycling enemies that had previously been destroyed. Seeing as there aren’t that many then I’ve ditched the sprite recycling and just added them when needed. So far, so good…

Anyway, enjoy.

Space Runner

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